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Maris Grove to open Renaissance Gardens in July

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February 28th, 2009



Living in a community provides support and fosters all the needs of those who live there. This makes for a well-rounded, complete, and whole way of life. This July, Maris Grove will open Renaissance Gardens, the extended care neighborhood of Erickson communities, and the completion of Maris Grove as a loving, supportive community with a continuum of care.

Not your grandmother s nursing home

Different from extended care communities of the past, "The focus at Renaissance Gardens is on people s choices," says Lynn Plasha, administrator. The schedule is based around the resident how he or she wants to live daily life. If someone wants to eat privately at 10 a.m., then that s what he or she will do. "The goal is to make people feel like this is their own home, and they live by their own terms," says Kathy Ardekani, the new health care counselor.

Short-term or long-term care

Renaissance Gardens isn t just for long-term care. People who live at Maris Grove or in the surrounding community may stay there for temporary rehabilitation services as well. And all the amenities of Maris Grove s independent neighborhoods are available to everyone who lives or stays at Renaissance Gardens.

Sometimes life is uncertain, and the purpose of Renaissance Gardens is to make extended care available if it ever becomes a need. The different layers of care, short-term rehabilitation, long-term nursing care, and assisted living support the residents while filling that potential need. The relationships between staff and residents are more like a functional family unit than the traditional practitioner-patient relationship; therefore, the setting is homey, comfortable, and cozy.

Seamless transition

Like at other Erickson communities, many residents from Maris Grove will volunteer at Renaissance Gardens, for example, by leading activities.

"Since the volunteers are already community members, they will allow any transition from Maris Grove to Renaissance Gardens to be seamless," says Ardekani, reiterating that Renaissance Gardens is, indeed, part of the whole, connected to and completing the larger community.