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A clean slate gets the sale

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March 31st, 2009

By Mark Abromaitis

When Carol and Dennis McCurdy took a look at Tallgrass Creek, they immediately knew they wanted to move in. They just weren t so sure they were ready to move out.

"We thought it would be a challenge to sell our house," Mr. McCurdy explains. "But Tallgrass Creek Personal Moving Consultant Judy Baxter ended up making the move much easier and quicker than we ever expected."

Lots of living

The McCurdys home wasn t in bad shape, says Baxter; it just needed to be de-personalized and polished.

The couple had lived in their five-bedroom, three-story home in Overland Park for 30 years. "When we moved in, we said we could never fill it," he recalls. "But you accumulate things, and you fill it up."

Baxter explained that the couple s imprint could pose a problem. "When potential customers tour a house, they should be able to picture themselves in it," she says. "People want to buy a house that can be a blank canvas or clean slate for their own lives." So she suggested removing older wallpaper and going through each room systematically, paring down items and giving a thorough scrubbing or fresh coat of paint as needed.

Buyers respond

The McCurdys home was on the market less than two months when it sold.

"We had just started getting anxious, but Judy told us to be patient," says Mr. McCurdy. "She said the perfect people would eventually see the house, think it was right for them, and make an offer. Sure enough, the right people saw it, fell in love with the house, and bought it."

Time for what s important

Now the McCurdys are spending time doing what they love at Tallgrass Creek.

"We aren t people who sit back and relax," he says. "My wife has taught computers in schools for years, and I m working on a project at KSU to help children."

Reflecting on the process, Mr. McCurdy says, "Moving to Tallgrass Creek was the best decision we ever made. Judy gave us all the resources we needed to make it easy. The rest is history."

Help is here!

Erickson Realty & Moving Services is a program available to people moving to Tallgrass Creek. It includes access to a personal moving consultant who can provide advice and assistance with every aspect of your move. To learn more about this complimentary service and how to get reimbursed for up to $2,000 in moving costs, call 1-800-917-8643.