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Daily upkeep makes cleaning a snap

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March 31st, 2009

When Gaynell Cooper was looking to sell her house in Scituate, she knew tidiness was a must. In no time, she devised a plan to keep her home clean and inviting for potential buyers.

"If you just keep up with it day-to-day, I think that s the easiest way to do it," says Cooper, who moved to Linden Ponds with her husband last summer. "It s easier than tearing everything apart when you re going to have an open house."

Clean? Check!

Armed with a checklist of daily to-dos, Cooper made it a habit to buzz around her house, ensuring countertops were spotless, stovetop polished, floors vacuumed, and blinds dust-free. She got rid of clutter and arranged real estate brochures on the kitchen counter.

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