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Fitness center expands to meet growing demand

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March 31st, 2009

If you followed through with your New Year s resolution to get fit and stay active, give yourself a pat on the back. According to experts, the majority of those promises seldom make it through the year. Only 46% of those who make New Year s resolutions have fulfilled them within six months, reports John C. Norcross, a psychology professor at the University of Scranton. He found that 71% of participants kept resolutions for two weeks, 64% for a month, and 50% for three months. But one group of Marylanders is committed to staying fit, resolution or not. Oak Crest, a Parkville community by Erickson, has experienced a record number of fitness center memberships since 2008. The demand was so great that the community responded by constructing an 1,800-square-foot fitness center. "We ve been able to add new equipment and eliminate the wait time," says Wellness Director Temica Carter. Carter adds that the development has brought about a renewed interest in health and fitness throughout Oak Crest. "For so many people, exercise becomes boring and starts to feel like a chore. The new fitness center offers more ways for people to stay fit while having fun."

A way of life

Ruth Cannella, who moved to Oak Crest four years ago from Towson, exercises for an hour and a half, three days a week. "The new fitness center has plenty of room to work out," she says. "It s so convenient. If I had to go outside of the community to a gym, I don t think I would do it." Cannella attests that using the fitness center has made her more health conscious, and she s feeling the results. "I have more strength, and I can walk faster with more stamina," she reports. According to Carter, Cannella s story is a common one. "It happens all the time here at Oak Crest," she says. "New members come in because they want to control their blood pressure, cholesterol, or diabetes; walk for longer periods; or have more energy to travel or play with their grandkids. Before long, they come to us saying, I was able to walk the entire campus and I didn t have to take any breaks or My doctor was so pleased with my blood pressure as a result of my exercise program that they discontinued one of my medications. It s great to see how happy people are when they realize that their health and fitness goals have become a reality."