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Many roads to a clean house

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March 31st, 2009

Before prospective buyers see your house, you ve got to make it sparkle, says Denver real estate agent Cathy Ford. And there s more than one way to put your home s best face forward. Pare down, then clean "Some of the homes I go into are spotless, with everything in its place," says Ford, who has been assisting older Americans with real estate for 11 years. But for others, especially houses people have lived in for years, a makeover is in order. "Overstuffed rooms can make cleaning an overwhelming task," says Ford. In this case, decluttering may be the first step. To help, Personal Moving Consultant Kate Dukes can provide future Wind Crest residents with a list of experts in downsizing, moving, storage, and organization. Once clutter is under control, it s time to clean. And cleaning a house for real estate showings is different from everyday cleaning, says Dukes. When your home is on the market, it s important to tackle things like appliances, draperies, and windows. For example, clean windows enable buyers to focus on things like natural light and great views, explains Dukes. "In addition to looking clean, your house should smell clean and fresh too," adds Ford. Let others help For sellers who don t have the time or energy for a deep cleaning (or don t know where to start), a professional cleaning crew can handle it, says Ford. Another option is letting family or friends help. Such was the case for Ken Erickson, one of Ford s clients who moved to Wind Crest this past winter. Erickson was fortunate enough to have a longtime friend offer a hand. "He painted all the exterior trim, did a lot of landscaping, cleaned my gutters, and even helped me declutter by sorting through the house and taking various items to charities," says Erickson. "You name it, he did it. He even helped pack me up." As for letting go of a lot of the belongings that homeowners may be attached to, you just have to dig deep, says Erickson: "You can t assume family members are going to want all that stuff. At some point, you need to take the bull by the horns, and if you haven t seen or used something in years, get rid of it." While some homeowners might feel bad about asking for help or even accepting it if it s offered they shouldn t, Erickson says: "You almost have to let people help. For some of us, it s just too much work to do alone."

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