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Six homes are better than one

Charlestown gives what new residents want

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March 31st, 2009
When William and Patty Bo Davis chose Charlestown for their new home, one of the things on their wish list was a large apartment with an open floor plan. But when they discovered they may have to wait months or even years for what they wanted, they decided to get creative. Now, what were once six efficiency apartments have been converted into the Davis s new 1,900-square-foot apartment home. "We looked at some photos of another renovated apartment that had been converted, and we really liked it," says Mr. Davis. "We were able to structurally design the apartment to suit our needs and tastes." The Davises are among the first residents to move into one of the newly renovated apartment homes at Charlestown, a community by Erickson in Catonsville. The project is part of a revitalization effort to modernize the campus. Personal space The option to customize their home was one of the factors that motivated the Davises to choose an apartment in Charlestown s Historic District, a neighborhood near the celebrated Our Lady of the Angels Chapel. "We were able to choose our kitchen cabinets and the hardwood floors," says Mr. Davis. "I had a preference for the kind of faucets I wanted, and they were able to accommodate that. We also knew we needed a lot of storage, especially in the second large bedroom I use as my office, so I had them put in 17 feet of closet space." To achieve the open floor plan they wanted and incorporate a breakfast bar similar to the one in their previous house, the Davises had a few of the existing walls removed. They couldn t be more pleased with the result. "Our apartment really has the open feel to it that we wanted," he says. "We moved from a sizeable home in Odenton, but the living room, dining room, and kitchen we have now are larger than the rooms we had at our house." Moving forward Retirement Counselor Steffany Byers has seen an influx of the number of people looking for larger apartment homes. "Last year marked our 25th anniversary here at Charlestown, but that doesn t mean we re stuck in the mindset of the 1980s," says Byers. "We realize today s retirees expect more room and more options, and we re prepared to meet those needs." Since moving to Charlestown four months ago, the Davises report being happy with their choice. They say they are enjoying the convenience, amenities, and worry-free lifestyle Charlestown affords them. "We just really enjoy the ease of day-to-day life here at Charlestown, as well as the beauty of the interior of our apartment and its utility," says Mr. Davis. "It s large enough to accommodate everything that we wanted to bring. It all worked out just perfectly. It couldn t have gone smoother had we plotted everything out on a chart." For more information on the availability of apartment homes at Charlestown, call Retirement Counselor Steffany Byers at 1-800-517-2203.