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Finding Fashion: Advice for a fresher look

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April 27th, 2009

Third in a three-part series on fashion for the mature woman

By Michele Harris It s time to pull out the bright colors and lightweight fabrics for the warm weather months ahead. That means it s also time to reevaluate your hair and makeup. We asked the experts for some tips to help keep Erickson Tribune readers looking their best. Hair Great looking hair starts with great looking color. Celebrity stylist and Clairol color director Jason Backe offers up his recommendations for fabulous hair. Erickson Tribune (ET):Should women modify their hair color with the seasons? Jason Backe (JB):It s always a nice change to brighten up your hair color and go a bit lighter in the warmer months. This season, I m creating a lot of tone-on-tone looks rather than highlighted hair. Cool champagne blondes are popular, chocolaty and rich looks are beautiful for brunettes, while redheads are leaning to more fiery and vibrant shades. One thing to keep in mind about summer is brassiness. Make sure to protect your hair with a hat or scarf or try a demi-permanent like Natural Instincts Brass Free, which combats the brassy tones that tend to peek out in the summertime. ET:Any pointers for older women, in particular? JB:I think the biggest mistake older women make is in their shade selection. Women tend to color their hair darker as they age because they think a darker shade will give them better gray coverage, which is just not the case. Usually, I recommend that anyone with more than 50% gray should choose a permanent colorant (demi-permanents are great for up to 30% gray). A product like Perfect 10 is great because not only is it a permanent hair color that processes in ten minutes, it doesn t contain ammonia. My mom and her friends love how shiny and rich their hair looks with Perfect 10. ET:Is there anything you can do to extend your salon color? JB:Touching up your new growth at home is an easy fix to get you by until your next salon appointment. One of my favorite products that I recommend all the time to my clients is Nice n Easy Root Touch-Up. It has just enough product to cover your part and hairline and has a super-sophisticated formula that blends grays away perfectly and works in a snap ten minutes! ' Makeup ' Stylist Sherrie Mathieson has worked with Academy-Award winning actors, rock stars, and athletes. She is the author ofForever Cooland a new book calledSteal This Style. As a regular fashion/beauty contributor to the website, Mathieson knows her way around the cosmetics counter. ' ET: How should mature women approach their beauty routine? ' Sherrie Mathieson (SM): As you get older, it s critical to look uncontrived and natural. Makeup can really age your look. This doesn t really affect younger women because if you are 20 and you put on a lot of makeup and you look 30, big deal! But if you are doing that over the age of 55, you are just going to age yourself. Remember, less is more. ' ET: How much is too much? ' SM: You don t need to wear a base on your entire face. You just want to spot it in your trouble areas. Neutrogena has some wonderful bases that are wonderfully light. And get a good blush one that gives you a sun-kissed look. The idea is to put luminescence in the skin never make it look matted or dull. The goal is to look natural and healthy. ' ET: Are there any particular colors or products that are well suited for mature complexions? ' SM: You should wear mocha lipstick something that is neither pink nor orange, that could basically go with everything you wear. The color lipstick I wear is rose wine by Revlon; you can buy it at the drug store. Lip liner is a good way to keep the lipstick from bleeding. Lanc me makes a great color called fra chelle. It s a wonderful deep rose and it s excellent. ' ET: Do any of those expensive skincare creams make a difference? ' SM: Everybody says they have something for the aging complexion. My own experimentation with everything from the high price lines to lower priced products has led me to conclude that women are wasting money if they think they need to spend more money to get results. There are great products at any price. ' ET: We can t talk about mature beauty without addressing wrinkles. ' SM: I think there s a nice contrast in a woman who does have wrinkles, but at the same time, she looks very modern. She hasn t denied the fact that she s gotten older because there s no sin in that. You can age physically and still project a youthful spirit and a modernity that reflects what s in your head. '