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April 30th, 2009

By Setarreh Massihzadegan

Living in a north-facing condo without direct sunlight meant Nina Driscoll had to brighten her space in other ways. So while trying to sell her Newport, R.I., condo to move to Linden Ponds last year, she capitalized on the lighting know-how she already had.

In addition to taking advantage of natural light where possible, she was careful not to overdo artificial lighting, particularly in places where it would pick up imperfections in old walls.

"You don t light every part of your home or it begins to look too staged, but you certainly want to light wherever it might look dark," says Driscoll, who sold real estate for five years.

Lighting 101

Many real estate professionals, including Erickson Personal Moving Consultant Lynne Ford, agree that lighting is essential to staging, or creating a home environment most attractive to potential buyers.

In her home visits to people considering a move to Linden Ponds or Brooksby Village, Ford recommends first and foremost, "Raise the blinds and shades, open draperies and windows, and let the sun shine in!"

Where natural light isn t available, everything from light fixtures to wall colors can contribute to a room s brightness.

"If there are any wall coverings or dark colors that are tired, remove them and/or repaint them in lighter colors," Ford recommends.

Driscoll, who is also a graphic designer, had already decorated her condo with lighter colors to brighten its rooms.

Accentuating with light

Part of successful staging is accentuating the home s assets. Driscoll s historic home included a closet door with crisscrossed wood molding over a large glass panel. She used a light inside the closet to bring out those details. She similarly lit a large curio cabinet filled with art pieces.

When Driscoll s condo sold, she reserved the first available apartment home at Linden Ponds, which was north-facing. But a south-facing apartment became available suddenly, and the retirement counselors at Linden Ponds let her know.

"I was just delighted," Driscoll says. "It was very sweet of them."

As for her new south-facing abode, she says she only needs extra lighting at nighttime, adding, "It s bright all the time."

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