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Google’s hidden secrets

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April 27th, 2009
Everyone knows that Google is the Web s leading search engine and can help you find exactly what you re looking for. However, many people don t know about the wonderful hidden features Google has to offer. Package tracking: Type the tracking number for your UPS, FedEx, or USPS package directly into the search box. Google will return results that include quick links to easily track the status of your shipment.

Did you know? The Google search engine gets 112 million hits a day. Source:

Currency conversions: To use the Google currency converter, simply enter the conversion you d like done into the search box and your answer will be displayed on the results page. Example: 150 Euro in USD. Definitions: To see a definition for a word or phrase, simply type the word "define," then a space, then the word(s) you want defined. To see a list of different definitions from various online sources, you can type "define:" followed by a word or phrase. Note that the results will define the entire phrase. Local search: If you re looking for a store, restaurant, or other local business, you can search for the category of business and the location, and Google will return results along with a map, reviews, and contact information. Enter queries in this format: pizza shop 21228 Real estate and housing: To see home listings in a given area type "housing," "home," or "real estate" and the name of a city or a U.S. zip code into the search box. Clicking the Go button on the results page will display details of individual homes that Google has indexed. Area code: Type any three-digit U.S. area code to see its geographical location. Movies: To find reviews and show times for movies playing near you, enter "movies" or the name of a current film into the search box. If you ve already saved your location from previous searches, the top result will display show times for nearby theaters for the movie you ve chosen. File types: This allows you to search for a specific file type on the Internet. Suppose you want to search for a document about diabetes and you want only PDF files. The query you would enter is "filetype:pdf Diabetes."