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Light your way to a sale

When trying to sell your house, turning on the lights can make all the difference.

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April 30th, 2009

Light generates positive energy and makes spaces look bigger. It also helps prospective buyers see the features that make your property so special they will want it as their own. Lure buyers in The experience of your house begins before stepping inside. To make a positive first impression on potential buyers, all light fixtures inside and outside the home should be polished and functioning. If you re having a nighttime showing, turn on the outside lights. You may even want to place lights along the pathway to the door to welcome people inside. For both daytime and evening showings, illuminate the interior so the house looks warm and inviting. Go natural The human eye is drawn to variety, and natural light provides lots of it. Make the most of the sun open curtains and blinds so the true character of a room can shine through. If you have dark or heavy drapes, consider substituting sheers; this will make the room look lighter too. For the best view possible, windows should be clean and views unobstructed by hanging objects or tree branches. In rooms with limited access to natural light, try a lamp. Lamp lighting can create a sense of relaxation in a bedroom or den. In work spaces, lamps should augment overhead lighting. Switch it up Every room should have a focal point, and lighting can help establish what it is. For example, if you want to showcase granite countertops or crown moldings, recessed lighting could make them center stage. This technique, often called "accent lighting," draws potential buyers attention to individual features that could add up to a sale. Lighting can also delineate space. If an area serves two functions like a living room and dining room with no wall between them illuminate one room with lamps and the other with overhead lights. Using bulbs with different wattages can help, plus it creates various moods; low lighting exudes coziness, while higher wattages brighten things up. Ultimately, defining the spaces in your house will help potential buyers picture themselves living there. Don t leave anyone in the dark Dark corners and dim spaces appear small and dingy, characteristics you don t want prospective buyers to equate with your house. Illuminate closets and other storage areas with recessed lighting. In hallways and basements, sconces can throw a warm glow and create the illusion of more space. If there isn t much light, try adding mirrors for a quick fix.

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