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World traveler's safe choice pays off

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April 30th, 2009

Esther Hankin moved for sake of seeing the globe

By Laura Hipshire Now you see her, now you don t. Esther Hankin is a woman on the move, and she couldn t be happier about it. Hankin has a passion for traveling. In one year, she trekked to Washington, D.C.; Chicago, Ill.; and Branson, Mo., not to mention Mali, Bolivia, and Libya. Travel ease "I just love to travel to many wonderful countries," Hankin says, adding that travel has been much easier since she moved to Fox Run, an Erickson community in Novi, Mich., two years ago. "It s one of the main reasons I moved here. I want to be able to close my door and know I don t have any worries," she says. "I don t have to worry about a squirrel coming in my apartment or basement, like when I had my house in Skokie, Ill." Peace of mind Hankin says she feels extremely secure at Fox Run, no matter where she is on campus, "Even walking around here at night," she adds. "[The staff at Fox Run] hold my mail for me until I get back," she continues. "Burglars and pipes bursting are always a threat to an empty house but not here. I like the idea that my apartment home is safe, and I don t have to hide things." Hankin says when she lived in her previous house, she had to put on her security alarm and was afraid to tell people she was traveling. But at Fox Run, security staff patroll the community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now, she has the time and peace of mind to enjoy her many excursions. From safaris to pyramids One of her favorite trips was to Gabon, a country in western Africa. "I went on an animal safari in a four-wheel jeep," she says, where she observed bush pigs, buffalo, elephants, mandrills (the world s largest species of monkey), and gorillas. "There are still a lot of other places I want to see," she says. "I like to see how other people live." Next on her list: Egypt, New Guinea, Crete, and Cypress.