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Appetite for life

Economy doesn’t hit Wind Crest residents

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May 31st, 2009
While nearly half of Americans are eating out less these days, those who live at Wind Crest are enjoying gourmet meals at restaurants on a nightly basis. And they don t even need to bring their wallets. Food, company keep life full According to a market research survey conducted earlier this year, 48% of U.S. adults are dining out less in light of today s economy. In response, Colorado Restaurant Association leaders recently launched a $170,000 ad campaign called "Fork the Recession" to boost restaurant revenue. But staying home does more than deprive the taste buds; it also takes a bite out of socializing for many older Americans. Luckily, since Wind Crest residents enjoy one meal a day at the on-site restaurant or caf as part of their monthly service package, the Fireside Restaurant and Fly n B Caf are still packing them in. Dine out while staying in Dotty and Cec Cecil, nightly regulars at the Fireside Restaurant, haven t missed a beat when it comes to dining out. For Mrs. Cecil, the student waitstaff clean-cut with matching uniforms helps create the ambience of fine dining. "I also enjoy the formal atmosphere and the white linen tablecloths," she says. For Daun Bassett, dining among tables of familiar faces is what makes the Fireside experience extraordinary. "Sitting down here is how I met the Cecils, and it s also how I ve met many other friends since I ve moved here," she says. And since both the caf and the restaurant are located right on campus, there s also the convenience factor. But it s not just the white tablecloths, the hardcover menus, the professional waitstaff, or even the proximity that makes dining at the Fireside special. The food and variety are major draws. "There are always five entr es to choose from here every night, and they change daily," says Marylou Lee. "With so much to choose from, you re bound to find something you really like." Ever-evolving menu On this particular night, diners had their choice of tortilla-crusted tilapia, chicken Proven al, beef potpie, grilled ham, or soy citrus scallops with soba noodles not to mention a wide selection of sides, soups, salads, and desserts. Sometimes Mr. Cecil has a tough time deciding between entr es or sides. Fortunately, the Fireside is always accommodating. "I couldn t decide between the grilled ham and the scallops tonight, so I got the ham and asked for some scallops on the side, which was fine," he says. "They re really good about giving you what you want here." Mrs. Cecil, who considers herself a discriminating customer, calls the desserts "unbelievable." With choices like mocha almond cheesecake, Boston cream pie, and fried ice cream, she can t lose. "On Sundays during the brunches, the entire lounge area is dedicated to desserts," she says. "We re talking cakes, pies, petit fours, cookies, tarts, Danishes you name it." Most Fireside regulars are quick to credit Executive Chef Marcus Cordova for creating a dining experience far beyond what most might expect at any community. "Marcus doesn t shut himself off in the back," says Mr. Cecil. "He walks the dining room every night and really listens to what we have to say." Lee, who serves on the community s Dining Committee, says Cordova is equally open to suggestions during meetings and other resident-based activities. As a result, new features are introduced regularly. "We have special nights when they have pasta bars, pizza bars, taco bars, even ice cream sundae bars," she says. Between a sophisticated sit-down restaurant and a trendy made-to-order caf with convenient takeout and delivery options, there truly is something for every palate and lifestyle at Wind Crest. Says Bassett: "They make us happy here."