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Dad's special day

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May 31st, 2009

Former pro violinist finally has time to celebrate, spend time with family

By Kathleen Szczepanik Father s Day may land in June every year, but Cedar Crest dad Jerome Landsman, a former professional classical violinist with the Honolulu Symphony, celebrates it several times a year when his son Robert visits from the Big Island. It really is like a volcano when he rolls into town, Landsman says. If my wife, Claire, and I don t get on the train, we re left at the station. Landsman considers himself lucky not only because his other son David lives in Toms River, but because Robert has the opportunity to mix business with pleasure and visits several times a year. Robert loves Cedar Crest as much as we do, Landsman says. He rents a guest apartment while he s here, and our neighbors know him well. He helps them out with carrying packages, and he enjoys the food here too. As a former teacher at Montclair State College in the psychology department, as well as at Bergen County Academy, Landsman says Robert, who holds a doctorate in neuroscience, started his own company in Hawaii. He developed a critical thinking program for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade in New Mexico, Hawaii, and New Jersey. We moved 29 times in 57 years, and we re happy to call Cedar Crest our grand finale, Landsman says. We had a deposit on a retirement community in Hawaii, but the activities and clubs couldn t compare with what we have here at Cedar Crest. We walked in and said, This is it. Landsman says that as he reflects on his role of being a father, he feels bad he had to torture his sons, having them listen to him practice the violin for hours at a time and not taking them to baseball games but to classical concerts instead. The payback is the rock music that my son makes me listen to on satellite radio when I m in the car with him now, he says, laughing. He s getting back at me. As a pioneer at Cedar Crest and the resident tai chi instructor, Landsman says he enjoys doing all the things he couldn t do before because he was busy working. As for a little Father s Day advice on the secret of being a great father, he says, Mum s the word.