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Fathers share ‘old love’ with their families

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May 31st, 2009
From sports to spirits, local dads know how to have fun By Heather Leah Huddleston Dads don t just receive gifts on Father s Day. ' They are honored for the gifts they ve given to their children and grandchildren over the years from pastimes to personality traits. Here, three men from Maris Grove, located in Delaware County, share the most memorable gifts they ve given as fathers. Back on track Dwain Knepper has a passion for trains. An interest through high school, trains filled him with joy. After graduation, though, they had to be put aside, as the responsibilities of life called. Like many people, Knepper traveled for business and raised a family. It wasn t until he moved to Maris Grove that he s been able to take up his favorite hobby once again. Moving here has given me a beautiful opportunity to get back into an old hobby, an old love, he says. Knepper helped found the train club at Maris Grove, where he is also involved with the wood shop. Admittedly, he says, most of the woodworking he s done has been building platforms for the two trains in the Brinton and Cardinal Clubhouses. In Vernon Woods, a mural decorates the train room s wall; the painting travels through the four seasons in the same direction that the train runs. Another mural depicts the Philadelphia skyline and sets the scene for the train s travel. Knepper shares his old love with his four children and four grandchildren. Two of his children live in the Philadelphia area, one is in Kentucky, and the other is in South Carolina. Whenever any of them come to visit, much of their time spent together is also spent with the model trains. It s a passion passed down, something shared between generations, one they ll surely call upon this Father s Day. Fair game Pete Meehan has a zest for life, especially sports. Like him, his entire family five children and ten grandchildren excels in sports and lives in Delaware County. Oftentimes, they show up at his Maris Grove apartment home unannounced. And I wouldn t have it any other way, Meehan says. Being an active participant in planning sports parties at Maris Grove, such as those for the Super Bowl or Major League Baseball s opening day, Meehan s never at a loss for words or activities when his grandkids visit. ' They love talking sports, and they enjoy playing in the on-campus pool, where Meehan himself swims three days a week. I m really fortunate to have my family, Meehan says. We have a good time together. Spirited conversation Happy hour is Jim Michell s favorite time of day. Not because of the drinks, but because he gets to connect with this fellow community members. More importantly, when Michell s two oldest granddaughters visit, they head to happy hour to share spirits, stories, and laughter with their grandfather. ' The fireplace makes the lounge cozy, and the conversation connects one generation to the next and brightens Michell s day. They visit often, spoiling him, he says. My kids, grandkids, and friends at Maris Grove all spoil me.