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Got too much stuff?

Free personalized assistance helps divide and conquer clutter

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May 31st, 2009

With their anticipated move to Tallgrass Creek (the Erickson community in Overland Park), Jim and Marlene Graham wanted to clean out their house. It was just a matter of getting down into the basement, sorting things out, and finding the energy to haul them away. "We knew there were so many things that we didn t need anymore," Mrs. Graham says. "And then our Personal Moving Consultant [Judy Baxter] called and asked us if we wanted to participate in the Clean Sweep program." Offered to those moving to Tallgrass Creek, the Clean Sweep program does all the heavy lifting, literally, for future residents; during a "clean sweep," a team coordinated by Erickson Realty & Moving Services comes by people s houses and picks up things they want to throw out...for free! Eagerly, the Grahams agreed.

A clean house and a good cause

A few weeks later, a moving truck arrived at the Grahams home. "Boy, were we pleasantly surprised when they not only accepted our donations, but they also came into our house and hauled these things up the stairs and away for us!" Mrs. Graham says. "We didn t have to lift a finger. It was a great deal," she adds. The items picked up by the moving truck were then sold at Tallgrass Creek s Treasure Sale, a tag sale where old items can find new homes. The Grahams contributions, along with other donations from residents and staff, helped generate more than $3,000 in the two days the Treasure Sale was open to the public. Proceeds went to the Tallgrass Creek Benevolent Care Fund, which ensures that no resident has to leave the community for financial reasons. "Having all of this taken care of for you is a wonderful feeling," Mrs. Graham says of the Clean Sweep program. "And it s great to see it go to worthy cause. Our whole experience with Tallgrass Creek and Erickson has been phenomenal. They are so good at helping you move. They make sure everyt is crossed and everyiis dotted."

Getting a helping hand

After Sylvia Lindbeck reserved her home at Tallgrass Creek, she immediately contacted Baxter her personal moving consultant and began to pare down belongings. "I ve moved a few times, and it s a good opportunity to get rid of things that you haven t used in a while," Lindbeck says. "It s a big chore, so it s never something that you look forward to," the retired schoolteacher admits. "In my case, I had a ton of books. I love to read and have just been holding onto a number of them." In an effort to cull her growing collection of tomes, Lindbeck contacted Baxter for advice. "The personal moving consultant gave me many options and some great ideas," Lindbeck says. While she could have held an estate sale and received a bit of money from her books, instead she chose to give them away. Lindbeck contacted the Tallgrass Creek library, found out what selections it needed, and made a donation of a number of titles. The rest of her books were donated to local charities that work with underprivileged children. "It was nice to know that the books were going to people who would use them," Lindbeck says. "I had to put myself in the right frame of mind," she reflects about the process. "But after getting rid of those things, it was like a weight was lifted from me. It felt like I was ready to move on and start anew at Tallgrass Creek."

Help is here!

Erickson Realty & Moving Services is a program available to people moving to Tallgrass Creek. It includes access to a personal moving consultant who can provide advice and assistance with every aspect of your move.To learn more about this complimentary service and how to get reimbursed for up to $2,000 in moving costs, call 1-800-917-8643.