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Brain exercise or brain washing?

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June 26th, 2009
Crossword puzzle brain exercise

Do crossword puzzles and Sudoku really help you stay mentally sharp? Or do they just make you better at Sudoku and crossword puzzles? I ve been writing some stuff about a Memory Fitness Program developed at UCLA and tested at EricksonRetirement Communities. The class teaches stress management, a brain-healthy diet, physical activity, and mental aerobics and it does seem to work! Surveys completed by Erickson residents show people remember names better after meeting new people, make better food choices, and remember a grocery list without having to write it down. And participants confidence improved too. Then a study published in the Psychological Science in the Public Interest ' on May 20, 2009, looked at all the research that s been done so far about preserving and enhancing cognitive function (learning and memory). It found you can promote successful cognitive aging by being both intellectually engaged and physically active. It also pointed out that stress and chronic psychological distress can take away from cognitive health. Generally, what is good for our body is good for our mind and vice versa. Even if brain games aren t a fix-all, combine them with a good diet, exercise, and stress management to get a healthy lifestyle that delivers results from head to toe. For seniors living at Erickson Retirement Communities, all these things are already built into the community. Check it out here.