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Couple makes the right move: ‘We didn’t have to lift a finger’

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July 14th, 2009

Everything about this move has been a joy, says Gwyn Hall. No, it s not an oxymoron. Though they have made 16 moves around the country, John and Gwyn Hall s move to Tallgrass Creek from Lee s Summit, Mo., was the first time they had the advantage of using a personal moving consultant a realty and moving specialist who gave them home staging advice, professional selling and moving resources, and assistance with downsizing. It was tremendously helpful, Mrs. Hall says as she catches her breath from running two miles in the Tallgrass Creek fitness center, such a relief. Why they moved The Halls chose Tallgrass Creek, a full-service Erickson community, after looking at similar communities for several years. John has had this type of lifestyle in mind for a long time, even though we weren t of the age to move in, Mrs. Hall says. We looked at different places around the country, and they just don t have what Tallgrass does. It has everything in one place. Since moving to Tallgrass Creek in April, they have been able to go to the bank, a restaurant, the fitness center, or the hair salon without ever getting in a car. Plus, she adds, We saw that Erickson has places all around the country, so we know we are safe in the economy here. At their service Once the Halls chose the Overland Park community, they were put in contact with Judy Baxter, the personal moving consultant for Erickson Realty & Moving Services at Tallgrass Creek. Baxter encouraged them to participate in the Clean Sweep, an event designed to help future Tallgrass Creek residents clean out their houses before putting them on the market and moving to the community. During the Clean Sweep, the Halls sorted their belongings with Baxter s help into what to keep and what to toss. Then, a moving company referred by Baxter and Erickson Realty & Moving Services carried everything away in just one hour to be sold at the community s flea market-style Treasure Sale. The Halls didn t have to lift a finger. We donated about three-quarters of our property! Mrs. Hall says, adding that they got rid of chairs, lamps, their dining room table, and various other large items. We are just so happy that whatever we gave is now being used. The Halls goal was to have their condo clean and clear for potential buyers, and with the help they received from Baxter and her recommended resources, It now looks like a model home, says Mrs. Hall. Everyone has been tremendously helpful in providing contacts for making sure it s perfect for showing and selling. Help is here! Erickson Realty & Moving Services is a program available to people moving to Tallgrass Creek. It includes access to a personal moving consultant who can provide advice and assistance with every aspect of your move. To learn more about this complimentary service and how to get reimbursed for up to $2,000 in moving costs, call 1-800-917-8643.