Government Affairs group gets the vote at Wind Crest

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July 13th, 2009
At dinner, you hear thousands of conversations about every topic under the sun, says Ron Brown, who lives at Wind Crest. It s one of the things that makes living here so enjoyable conversations are plenty, and everyone has a different perspective and an interesting point of view. Brown says those wide-ranging conversations and the open-mindedness of the residents inspired him to create the community s Government Affairs group, which welcomes speakers and open forum discussions on current events. In just the past year, the club has addressed topics such as the crises in Pakistan and Afghanistan, local water rights, the state budget crunch, election issues, and local law enforcement. Featured speakers have included Denver University professors, state government officials, local sheriffs, business leaders, and county commissioners. We figure it s best to hear it straight from the horse s mouth, Brown says. Now the club is even taking field trips. Most recently, members of the Government Affairs group went to the state capital to observe a legislative session. It was great to see democracy in action, says Brown. Two sides to every story Leading up to last year s elections, the club welcomed the League of Women Voters local chapter to help host political debates on campus. It was interesting to hear from both sides and to know that we were, in most cases, facilitating these candidates meeting each other face-to-face for the first time, Brown says. The debates were definitely lively. We wanted to hear both sides, explains Wind Crest resident Jan Lowry. She regularly attends the meetings of the Government Affairs group, which she says is for people who are interested in our country, politics, or who just want to be informed. We want to find out all we can, and this is a great way to spend an evening. Inclusive spirit So far, the club is flourishing. Anywhere from 30 to 160 residents attend the monthly gatherings, according to Brown. It has really taken off, he says. I think it s mainly because our [community s] Executive Director Craig Erickson really supports us and wants the residents to be as informed as possible about everything that s happening. Our residents understand that we are all part of something bigger, Erickson says. And we recognize that whether it s Wind Crest, Douglas County, Colorado, or the United States, it s important to be active and engaged in our communities. The Government Affairs group is part of that. Lowry says her neighbors various backgrounds drive the thirst for political knowledge on campus. My neighbors seem to come from all over. I ve never met a more well-read and great group of people to discuss current events with, Lowry says. Everyone here seems open, educated, and so willing to listen to others viewpoints and opinions. I think it is a real testament to Wind Crest and the people who live here.