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Selling from a blank slate

Rethinking color helps sell house in three days

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July 31st, 2009

Who says this is a tough housing market? Not Jack and Connie Fewlass. The couple sold their house in just three days. The difference between selling a house in three days today and doing it five years ago is that the Fewlasses didn t do it on their own. They used a program called Erickson Realty & Moving Services, provided by the community where they now live, Ann s Choice. The program s personal moving consultant, Colleen Rosica, is a realty and moving expert who helps her clients with everything from staging and selecting a real estate agent to downsizing and moving. In this economy, we wanted to do everything that Colleen told us to do, Mrs. Fewlass says. And it paid off . The couple used all of Rosica s services, but the most effective were her recommendations for neutralizing their house. Theirs was a colorful house that refl ected their vibrant personalities. The hallway carpet was mint green, different rooms were filled with blue and red carpets, the walls were covered by wallpaper filled with roses against a beige background, and dark brown paneling covered the walls that weren t adorned with wallpaper. I love color, Mrs. Fewlass says. That s my style. However, colorful walls and carpets often distract and turn off buyers. With Rosica s help, Mr. and Mrs. Fewlass learned how neutralizing the color in a house really does make it more marketable. Rosica recommended the couple remove all the carpet, thus exposing the natural beauty of the hardwood floors. She also suggested that the dark paneling be painted a neutral cream color and the majority of the wallpaper be removed. After all the work was done, it looked like a completely different house than the one the Fewlasses had lived in for the last 39 years. It truly was reconstructed into a blank slate ready for potential buyers to visualize living there.