Social butterfly connected at Tallgrass Creek

Do you know Mary Lou Vest too?

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July 14th, 2009
In the social web of Tallgrass Creek, Mary Lou Vest is its butterfly. As she rattles off names of her neighbors, the lines of friendship overlap and the names get lost amidst how she knows each one so well. It s six degrees of separation, she says. From bridge players to members of Tri Psi (an organization for mothers of women in the Tri Delta sorority), Vest seems to have a connection to everyone at Tallgrass Creek. Things in common While Vest, a world traveler, has been to every continent on the planet, her local ties have added up. In fact, Vest was featured in the article It Really is a Small World After All in the March/April issue of the Tallgrass Creek newsletter because of her network. The article revealed that before moving to Tallgrass Creek, Vest played bridge with Sarah Davis, was on a committee with Harriet Eggeson, and gave Alice Dart bridge lessons. Vest adds Joan Olsen and Nadyne Nesbitt to her list, crediting Tri Psi for those friendships. And the first couple she knew at Tallgrass Creek were Mary Miller and Lou Rogers, who lived down the street from her in Linn Valley Lakes. They all sold their houses and moved to Tallgrass Creek at the same time. Time to play! Despite her extroverted nature, Vest didn t move to Tallgrass Creek to expand her phone book. She says she was tired of all the work that it took to live in her house. I was cutting the lawn and taking care of all the landscaping and I just wanted to play! she says. Now, that s exactly what she does. She plays bridge every Thursday with the bridge group and teaches the game to others, strolls around campus with the newly formed walking group, and has discovered a flair for the dramatic, performing with the Tallgrass Players, the community s drama club. I ve even learned some new games: Shanghai rummy, Mexican Train Dominoes, and mah-jongg, she says. When she s not joining in an activity, she goes walking with the gals from Tri Psi or out to eat. One of the biggest advantages to living here is going out to dinner on campus. The food is wonderful! she says, adding that when she wants to cook, she has plenty of room in her one-bedroom apartment home for entertaining guests. Whether she s hosting her large family (ten, counting grandchildren) in her apartment home or catching up with another old friend, It s one big party! Vest says of her new community. I d recommend this place to anybody who s looking for a lot of fun in their lives. The best decision I ever made was to move to Tallgrass Creek.