Ten tips for creating killer curb appeal

Created date

July 13th, 2009

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. When selling your house, its outside appearance (or curb appeal ) almost always creates a potential buyer s first impression. In fact, buyers typically decide whether a house is worth going inside within ten seconds of seeing it. Knowing that first impressions are so powerful, how do you make sure your house creates a positive and lasting one? When I work with clients through Erickson Realty & Moving Services, I often advise them use these ten tips to create curb appeal: Stand across the street from your house to get an objective view. Take note of your first impression from that vantage point as well as anything that needs obvious repair. Give your front door a fresh coat of paint to brighten the focal point of your home s exterior. To top it off, add a wreath or swag. Replace hardware. New doorknobs and hinges as well as house numbers and lighting sconces can add a quick sparkle to your entryway. Create an instant garden. Container gardens add color and charm to an entry or walkway. Buy them premade at a garden center, or make your own. Deep clean the exterior of your house. Touch up paint and/or power wash the exterior walls. Replace gutters and downspouts. If your house has an old drainage system, it s one thing potential buyers will note as needs repair. Don t let that happen. You can easily replace your old system with new, snap-fit vinyl gutters in just a weekend or two. Groom your lawn. It should be trimmed, weeded, and edged. Additionally, remove clutter from the yard, such as hoses, trash cans, and gardening tools. Cut back or remove any landscaping that interferes with the view of your house, and trim overgrown shrubs. Renew flower beds. Weed-ridden, empty beds give the impression of a neglected home and yard. Beds should be weeded, planted, and mulched, especially in spring, summer, and fall months. Ask a garden center expert which plants are most suitable for the time of year you re trying to sell your house. Get a second opinion. A professional stager, real estate agent, or someone who has never seen your home can offer valuable insight into how your house might appear to a potential buyer. Take note of what he or she observes, then take action as if someone interested in buying your house had noticed. Whether you make these fixes yourself or hire a company like the ones I recommend to clients, the goal is to make the exterior of your house appear well cared for and worth seeing. Spending a little time and money in creating a memorable first impression can go a long way in helping to sell your house quickly and for the best price.