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A winning move close to family

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July 13th, 2009

On holidays like the Fourth of July, travel can be a hassle, with highways and airports packed with those trying to return to their families. But for a number of people, that concern is a thing of the past. At Wind Crest, the Erickson campus in Highlands Ranch, many residents moved there for the sole purpose of being closer to family year-round. Two birds, one stone Dewey and Patricia Bushaw are two of Wind Crest s new Coloradans. They moved to the community this past spring. The couple is used to changing homes because of Mr. Bushaw s job. They have lived in eight different homes around the country in states like Montana, Texas, and North Dakota. That s the life of an engineer for Mobil, Mrs. Bushaw says. You learn patience, how to enjoy changing things up, and how to roll with the punches. But as their children s lives and careers carried them across the country and Mr. Bushaw s professional career wound down, the opportunity to move closer to their children became more appealing. With one son in North Carolina and another in California, the Bushaws instead chose to move to Colorado to be near their two daughters. It was a great chance to settle down, Mrs. Bushaw says. And moving to Colorado was like hitting two birds with one stone our daughters were both in Highlands Ranch, so we came to them. Time for themselves? Making sure their two sons weren t left out, the Bushaws chose a large apartment home with an extra bedroom and bathroom. We ve just been here for a few months, and both sons have already come for overnight visits, reports Mrs. Bushaw. Since moving to Wind Crest, the couple can also spend more time with their daughters. It s nice to be able to see them more. They made sure everything was perfect when we moved in, Mrs. Bushaw says. They stop by all the time to see us. Mrs. Bushaw can still squeeze in a few games of duplicate bridge with her friends and neighbors; meanwhile, her husband continues to follow the stocks and discuss them with friends over dinner but there are some drawbacks of being so close to their children. Mrs. Bushaw jokingly warns, Parents are the ones who are supposed to bring up and raise the children, right? Well, now that we re here, they call, visit, and check on us every day. My, oh my, they really watch us like hawks! My four sons Living in Texas with four sons scattered from Seattle to Denver meant holidays used to involve a lot of traveling for Mary Jo Huckabee. But things are starting to get simpler. That s because earlier this year, Huckabee a longtime Houston resident picked up her things and moved to Wind Crest in Colorado. I am blessed to have a fabulous family, Huckabee says. So when my son, Paul, called me from Denver and asked me to move out near his family, I didn t hesitate to go. On the recommendation of her son, she decided to move. He told me, Mom, I found a great place and I think you d be happy here. He was right, Huckabee says. People ask me all the time how I could just up and move without seeing a place. Well, I tell them that my sons know me. They should after all, I spent years chasing after them, she says with a laugh. So how is Huckabee adjusting to her new home? It s wonderful. I moved so many times before because my husband was an engineer for Shell. But this time it was easy. I occasionally feel like a girl in kindergarten having to ask a question here and there, but that s natural. Really, everyone here is so kind, generous, and helpful. It s been a very good experience. And now that the chasing has reversed and her son has asked her to come to him, things are much more calm. I am so proud of all my boys, Huckabee says. It seems like it was just yesterday that they were in high school, being boys, being a handful. Now they all have such great families and kids of their own. And I have so many wonderful grandchildren too. Those are the things that you don t want to miss. I wanted to be around all of that. Moving to be near them was one of the best decisions I ve ever made.