Writing in the water

Created date

July 13th, 2009
Dave Thomas loves water walking in Wind Crest s warm water saline pool, especially early in the morning. No one s there, the mountain views are breathtaking, and it s the perfect place to ponder ideas for his Westerns. I m in that pool six days a week doing anywhere from 100 to 150 laps, and all that time, I m thinking about my books, he says. Thomas pens Westerns under the name Tom Davy. To date, he s published 2 and has 15 others in the works. My mother would be surprised that I ended up writing because I wasn t an English major by any means, he says. I was a physical education major your basic dumb jock. Thomas spent the last 16 years of his professional career as a football, wrestling, track, and swimming coach for Park County schools in Colorado. But he suspected there might be a writer deep down inside. I always had ideas for Westerns running around in my head, and one day I just decided to start writing, he says. Thomas had grown up around horses and liked studying the old West. I ve read thousands of Westerns, and I knew what I liked, so that s what I wrote. Thomas describes his writing style as fast reading, with little in the way of twists and turns. I don t use a lot of flowery words; I just go straight to the action, he says. His first book, Concho, is a fast-paced Wild West adventure about a young man s quest to find his identity. It s available on Amazon.com. His second book, The Interloper, just came out last year. Living at Wind Crest is helpful for a writer, says Thomas, because with so many people around, there s plenty of inspiration. Anytime you talk to someone, you get an idea, he explains. Life has gotten much easier for Thomas and his wife, Betty, since moving to Wind Crest from Bailey. Living up in the mountains, I did a lot of shoveling snow and cutting wood for the fireplace, he says. It was a lot of work, and I m glad to give that up.