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2nd annual health fair goes 'well'

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August 3rd, 2009
At Tallgrass Creek, wellness isn t just about being healthy; it s about living well. To help pass the word about all the wellness programs and resources available to everyone who lives at the Overland Park community, its wellness committee and staff hosted the second annual Tallgrass Creek Health Fair. It was an awareness program, says Lew Rogers, who cochairs the wellness committee with his neighbor Mary Miller. Rogers says the well-attended fair featured several booths that each spotlighted a resource for physical or mental fitness, health, and wellness. I think it was successful, and I think we can make it even better in the future, he says. Eyes and ears of the community The wellness committee comprises several health-minded people who live at Tallgrass Creek. We are the eyes and ears of the residents regarding what their interests are, and we aim to have activities that are healthy and fun, Rogers says. The committee s booth featured the Nintendo Wii Fit, which realistically simulates yoga, balance games, strength training, and aerobics. They also offered Body Mass Index and basic balance tests for fair visitors. Believe it or not, we had a long line! The Health Fair tested how much interest we would have, and we had a lot, Rogers says. In fact, he reports, the popularity of the balance test has since led to the offering of a program on campus that helps residents improve their balance and decrease their risk of falling. Primed to promote wellness Rogers background is in physical education, so it s no wonder he s so involved in health and fitness. But to him, exercise isn t just another form of torture. We promote exercise, and we have fun while we re doing it, he says of the wellness committee. We want to promote exercise and people using the fitness center here at Tallgrass. We create new ways for people to look at exercise and their lifestyle. He and Miller both lived about 40 miles south of Overland Park, in Linn Valley Lakes, Kans. We had heard of Tallgrass Creek when we were in Colorado, then we saw it in The Erickson Tribune. After reading about how the active lifestyles of people who live at Erickson communities mirror their own, Miller and Rogers were the first to join the Tallgrass Creek priority list, which is a way to reserve your place in line for the apartment home of your choice. Mary s goal is to live to 115, and my goal is to keep up with her, says Rogers. Based on their healthy interests and lifestyles, they are well on their way to achieving their goals.