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Changing face of print sparks topic for lecture series

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August 3rd, 2009
KS_0809_learning_john belden
KS_0809_learning_john belden

"John Belden" When John Belden kept reading about the changing face of print communication, from newspapers to newsmagazines, he didn t see a dying breed; he saw an opportunity. The format of the Kansas City Star had changed drastically, Newsweek s format changed, and Time magazine had a whole issue about the economics of news and advertising in newspapers, Belden says. Coming from a generation of newspaper junkies, not cell phone users and Web surfers, Belden was drawn to the topic. He decided to conduct a survey about media preferences across generations. The full-service Erickson community where he lives, Tallgrass Creek in Overland Park, was the perfect sample space because at any given time, people from 16 to over 90 populate the 65-acre campus. We asked people to indicate if they subscribe to newspapers, newsmagazines, watch TV news, Internet news, or get their news from cell phones, he explains. We received 33 responses, which is around 20% of our resident population. Of the respondents, 90% read newspapers, 50% read newsmagazines, 94% watch local TV news and cable news, 30% watch cable TV sports, 33% obtain national and world news as well as financial news from the Internet, and 0% get their news from cell phones. It s quite interesting, Belden says of the data. It s resulted in many conversations over the dinner table. It s even given him ideas for future Lifelong Learning lectures. For instance, We hope to have the editor of the Kansas City Star in to talk to us. Belden says he has always been interested in communication and how it can lead to new ideas. Who knows what he ll come up with next!