Dogs have their day

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August 1st, 2009
MA_0809_dog derby_pic1
MA_0809_dog derby_pic1

Brooksby Village resident Janet Tenney judged this year s Dog Derby with help from her dog, Beebee. From the fits of laughter escaping the tent at Brooksby Village, an unknowing bystander might have thought a comedian was entertaining audiences inside; only the distinct orchestra of barks would have made him think twice.

This year s sixth annual Dog Derby at Brooksby brought out a crowd of about 100 humans and nearly 30 dogs. The beloved occasion gave those who live and work at Brooksby a chance to show off their canine friends in an array of lighthearted events.

Beginning with Strut Your Mutt, the schedule evolved into a series of contests including Best Costume, Best Kisser, and new this year, Pie Eating, during which hamburger and yogurt delicacies were dished up, care of Brooksby Community Resources Coordinator Mary Landry, who co-emceed the event with John Zavaglia, an employee in one of Brooksby s restaurants.

Cheering on best friends

The audience found its voice when a number of the dogs paraded through in costume during Strut Your Mutt, including Janet Tenney s Chihuahua mix, dressed in Mexican garb and a sombrero.

"The dogs are so silly and fun," says Tenney, who served on the panel of five judges. As a result, her pooch, Beebee, did not join in the competitive events.

She adopted Beebee about five years ago, after the dog was rescued from Puerto Rico. Because Tenney had moved to Brooksby just six months before, she named her dog "Beebee" after her new home.

Tenney says there are about 40 dogs living at Brooksby, and it is clear the joy they bring to their owners.

Light in their lives

As the agility obstacle course was being set up, Bill and Louise Collins led the audience in song, including "You Are My Sunshine." The day was overcast then, but Mr. Collins introduced the song by saying, "The sunshine is our wonderful dogs, which I think every owner would agree brings sunshine and light into our lives."