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Heavenly Hall of Fame

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August 5th, 2009
It s a funny little controversy, but good folks are split over it: Should we single people out for praise? Should Washingtonians have been proud or wary when two Redskin football players Art Monk and Darrell Green were inducted into the Hall of Fame last August? Though risky, there must be a potential upside to affirming people in public. After all, one psalmist extolled three Hebrew greats by name: The Lord reigns....Moses and Aaron were among his priests; Samuel ... among those who called on his name. Similarly, an ancient Christian epistle acknowledged more than a dozen people such as Noah and Sarah under the theme: Without faith it is impossible to please God. When Monk and Green took highest honors in Canton, Ohio, their fans were ecstatic. Despite thousands of players on more than 30 teams, the nation s capital was cheering for these two who had worn burgundy and gold. Under coach Joe Gibbs, crowds had watched this duo lead their team to four Super Bowls in ten years. Between them, the handsome cornerback and wider receiver had set 19 league records.

When character counts

More impressive than records, each man had been a faithful husband for more than 20 years. Both were introduced by a son. Jared Green described the former fastest man in football, his father, Darrell Green: It never really was about football. He s a man about morals, integrity, and courage....He s the best person in my life to talk to. The definition of a true Hall of Famer is someone who is great at everything. My dad was of God. James Monk, Jr., described one of the quietest men in football, his dad, Art Monk: Dad s greatness never came from his ability to play football, but it came because he wanted to be used by God....The Bible says to build your foundation...on the strongest rock of all...Jesus Christ. Dad, as your biggest fan and as your son, I want to tell the whole world that I love you. Better trophies have never been given than the well-earned respect of our children.