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More than just a dip in the pool

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August 24th, 2009

[caption id="attachment_2035" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Ed Braun, who lives at Seabrook, recently clocked 1,000 hours in the pool located in the community s aquatics center. (Photo by Travis Tanay)"][/caption] Some say life on an Erickson campus, regardless of where it is located, is like living on a cruise ship that never leaves its port. That feeling of rest and relaxation, of being able to live life to the fullest to pursue your passions and do the things you ve always wanted to do, couldn t be more realistic for Ed Braun, who loves to swim and just clocked 1,000 miles at the pool at Seabrook, Erickson s campus in Tinton Falls. You just get in there and keep going, Braun says. It s so easy to access the facilities on campus. They really want you to live a healthy, independent life so you can stay in tip-top physical and mental shape. Since this is Healthy Aging Month, the timing is perfect for this retired Army colonel, who moved to Seabrook five years ago, to stay on course and keep logging his mileage toward reaching his goal of 5,000 miles in the not-so-distant future. Time to get moving The organizers of Healthy Aging Month (the Educational Television Network) thought September, with its back-to-school mentality, was the perfect time to focus national attention on the positive aspects of growing older. The idea was to provide inspiration for adults ages 50-plus to improve their physical, mental, social, and financial health. Braun believes that sometimes a simple childhood pleasure like swimming can rejuvenate the mind and body. He says the important thing is to take the first step like a dip in the pool to revisit a favorite pastime. I was born and raised in Michigan and have been swimming since I was about five years old, he says. I remember playing in the sand with friends at a summer cottage and then jumping in the lake to cool off . It was great. An avid tennis player and golfer, Braun traveled around the world with the military and settled back in New Jersey in 1976, living in Atlantic Highlands and working for a military contractor. After discovering the pool at Ft. Monmouth in Eatontown, he decided it would be healthier if he swam a few laps during his lunch hour than spending the entire time eating. That s when I really started to keep track of the total distances of my swims, Braun says. Overall, I ve logged about 4,700 hours in the pool, and 1,000 of those hours have been at Seabrook. Braun usually takes a daily morning swim that lasts about an hour. During that time, he will swim about 44 laps. Wellness runs the gamut On any given day at Seabrook and many Erickson campuses, there are a variety of wellness programs that residents can take advantage of: Arthritis Foundation aquatic and exercise programs, ballroom dancing, bocce, putting club, table tennis, tai chi, and water aerobics, to name a few. What s great is that Erickson focuses on healthy aging all year long, Braun says. There s always something fun to do here. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tips to keep you healthy as you age

Take control of your well-being and make the most of your retirement years by paying careful attention to your overall health. As part of Healthy Aging Month, it s a good idea to:
  • Eat healthier
  • Take a bone density test
  • Get a fl u shot
  • Get a pneumonia shot
  • Get tested for colorectal cancer
  • Have your vision checked
  • Learn about osteoporosis
  • Learn ways to lower your risk of falling
  • Watch your weight
  • Talk to your doctor about taking aspirin
  • Talk with your doctor about abdominal aortic aneurysm
  • Talk with your doctor about depression
  • Read Old is the New Young: Erickson s Secrets to Healthy Aging