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New home, old friends

Housewarming parties are worth a thousand words

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August 25th, 2009
Last month, a few Wind Crest residents invited their friends to their new home for breakfast. The friends shared laughs over pastries and coffee, then took a tour. These housewarming parties help new residents of the community stay connected with their friends and feel at home while showing off what makes life at their new place great. We see it all the time, Retirement Counselor Molly Thorne-Dhieux says. Many of our new residents want to show that moving to Wind Crest doesn t mean your relationships with longtime friends and the people from your old neighborhood have to end. Most of these parties usually end up being a show and tell of sorts for our community and an opportunity for people to see what Wind Crest and life here on campus is really all about.

A great place with smiling faces

Charlene Vanhorn moved to Wind Crest earlier this year and had yet to have a large group of friends over to see her new home. So last month, she took advantage of the community s restaurant and invited a number of friends from her church to a housewarming party. She started her party with a leisurely coffee and breakfast in the restaurant, then gave her friends a tour of campus that included a quick stop off at the aquatics center, restaurant, and creative arts studio. It was so nice to be able to show them my new home, Vanhorn says. The biggest question they had was what my new neighbors and friends were like. She says, I told them the truth. They are great they are just like all of my other friends from church and my old neighborhood.

Seeing is believing

Mary Wolf, another Wind Crest resident, recently invited 19 friends who volunteer with her at the nearby Swedish Medical Center to see her new home. It was nice to have everyone over at once. That wouldn t have been possible at my old house, she says. We all met in the clubhouse. Then we moved the party upstairs to the restaurant. It was a really nice day and great to have all my friends that don t live here come by and see my new home and really see what Wind Crest is all about. Wolf says the event was helpful for her. It s tough to describe it to friends, she says. People always ask me where I live, and now I just tell them really, you have to see it to appreciate it.

Q & A

I think many people were really anxious and curious to see my new home. They had a lot of questions, says Vanhorn. They wanted to see what it was all about. People love their homes and think it s a big step to move to a place like Wind Crest. It was fun to show them that it s not a problem. I wanted to show them how wonderful the apartments are and how you have plenty of room. She adds, You have as much privacy as you want. And if you want to be social with your friends and neighbors, there s always something happening in the clubhouse or around campus. Everyone respects that, and it makes for a great place to live.

The hosts with the most

Both Vanhorn and Wolf anticipate having more friends over soon to see their new homes. I d love to do it again, says Vanhorn. It s one of those things where I think people don t understand what Wind Crest is all about until they see it. It is a great place. Wolf agrees: This was an opportunity to see people I haven t seen in a while and show them my new life. It s great for people to get to see what we love and experience every day.