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Reading with the kindle

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August 25th, 2009

What if you could take your entire reading library with you wherever you go and only have to carry something about the size of a magazine? And what if this sleek and supremely portable device also offered you the rest of the world s reading material classic and current bestselling books, magazines, newspapers, and even 1,000-plus blogs available at less than a moment s notice, with amazing functionality that doesn t even require that you know how to use a computer? Have we kindled your interest? The Kindle is Amazon s bestselling wireless reader that can store about 1,500 books in a device that weighs in at 10.2 oz. lighter than the average paperback and is only about the size of a pencil-thin hardcover book. Kindle s design recreates the feel of a regular book that you can hold and read with just one hand, and its no-glare paper-like display has adjustable settings for text and background. You can also easily take notes, apply bookmarks, or search entire texts for specific words or passages. Kindle has a text-to-speech feature, a built-in dictionary with instant lookup, and the ability to download a wide variety of your personal items documents, images, PDFs for a small fee. And if you want to listen to some mp3s, browse the Web, or sample some audio books, Kindle can do that too. Inexpensive in the long run Kindle retails for about $300, and individual book downloads are about $10 which is usually less than a hardcopy version. In addition, there are entire books available for free download and lots of try before you buy excerpts from popular titles. While Kindle isn t cheap, avid readers may find it costs less in the long run. For all of us, Kindle offers a glimpse into the future (of reading)!