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Something for the guys

Club caters to all things ‘manly’

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August 3rd, 2009
TX_0809_Men's Club2
TX_0809_Men's Club2

Ronnie Cutlip, community outreach specialist for the Houston FBI, tells the Eagle s Trace Men s Club about a drug trafficking stop. One group at Eagle s Trace won t be discussing sewing, jewelry, or even the latest soap-operas or hairstyles. The newly formed Men s Club is dedicated to all things guy. It s a club that hosts speakers on topics that are generally macho or manly in nature, Director of Sales and Marketing Pamela Burgeson says. We have dozens of clubs and groups geared toward hobbies that are predominantly women-focused crocheting and things of the like; and we also have clubs that men and women both do, like dancing or singing. But we wanted something special, something fun, just for the men. Guns, drugs, and money The first guy talk featured Ronnie Cutlip, a community outreach specialist with the Houston FBI. Cutlip talked about the history and developing role of the FBI. A native of France, Cutlip came to the United States at age 19 and ended up in the military, then in the FBI. Cutlip shared stories of his undercover work fighting dangerous drug dealers and how he worked with the Coast Guard to intercept large drug deliveries to the States. It was a great talk, says Pat Camerino, who lives at Eagle s Trace. It had a little bit of everything. I m sort of a mixed view. I m so used to doing everything where both men and women are involved, so this was a little different. It was an interesting talk that I think women may have enjoyed, too, but it was nice to have some time with just the guys. It was an excellent discussion, agrees Eagle s Trace resident William Hinds. It was really interesting to get to hear about all of the FBI and military work. He adds, The ladies have the Red Hat Society and a few other clubs, so it s kind of nice to have one of our own too. More manly things to come Camerino says Eagle s Trace has other clubs geared toward the guys, including men s singing groups and Bible study, but he enjoyed the lighthearted nature of the club and looks forward to learning what the future Men s Club events will entail. I m definitely interested in going to a few more, he says. It was a really good time. Kevin Knopf, the community s executive director, says the club has plans to continue meeting and could eventually move the events to off-campus restaurants. We hope to have talks from local sports figures and military, plus on topics like cars, boats, motorcycles, and all kinds of other guy stuff.