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‘Everything went like clockwork’

House sells in less than two days

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September 22nd, 2009

If you feel like you have too much stress in your life, moving to Greenspring is the thing to do, says Diane Bayne, who moved to the community in Springfield, Va., with her husband, Jim, this past July. Thanks to Erickson Realty & Moving Services, even the sale of our house, downsizing, and moving were stress-free. It s really marvelous.

Making the decision ' to move

Prior to their move to Greenspring, the Baynes spent 23 years in a townhouse in Fairfax, Va. Four years ago, we visited Greenspring and thought it was a great place to live and quite possibly a home for the future, says Mrs. Bayne. [But for the moment,] we had a great location and were happy. Then, after last year s long winter, the Baynes decided it was time to revisit the idea. They attended an informational gathering at Greenspring where they met Anna Greves, the community s personal moving consultant. When we learned about all the help Anna would provide in selling our house and moving, we made the decision to make our move now, says Mrs. Bayne. Greenspring has everything we were looking for, and now with the moving help, it seemed like perfect timing. After that, things went very fast.

Someone else ' to coordinate it all

Greves visited the Baynes at their home armed with the names of several highly recommended real estate agents. She also walked through the couple s house, making suggestions on things that could be done to sell the house quickly. Anna recommended we remove some of the furniture in our house, says Mrs. Bayne. To do that, she set us up with an estate sale company that orchestrated the selling of most of the furniture that we were not planning on taking with us to Greenspring. Before a traditional estate sale, the company listed many of the Baynes items on websites including craigslist and eBay. They handled everything, says Mrs. Bayne. They dealt with the listings and shipping. It was a real help. We followed that up with an estate sale and gave lots of items away to the Salvation Army. By the time our house was ready to put on the market, we had gotten rid of so much, and the house looked really nice. With the help of both Greves and their real estate agent, the Baynes then set a reasonable sale price for their house. Their conscientious efforts paid off. In less than two days, the house was sold and the packing began. The moving company was also wonderful, says Mrs. Bayne. Everything went like clockwork. I was really amazed. I couldn t believe how quickly it all came together.

New lifestyle, old friends

In less than six weeks since their move to Greenspring, the Baynes are already full-fledged members of the choral group and are making new and old friends every day. It s amazing, says Mrs. Bayne. Since both Jim and I grew up in the area, we find ourselves running into people that we haven t seen in 30, 40, even 50 years. It s the most wonderful part of moving here. I love seeing people we grew up with. It helps us really feel at home here. The couple also continues their volunteer work outside of Greenspring with a local prison ministry, and she still works part-time as a pastoral counselor for a church near Quantico, Va. If you want to remove the stress from your life, then move to Greenspring, says Mrs. Bayne. Moving here has been a gift of both time and energy.