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Let the bidding wars begin

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September 21st, 2009

A home sold after two weeks on the market sounds like a win, but Personal Moving Consultant Ellen Meehan sets the bar higher. This summer, Meehan saw 13 homes go under agreement in eight days or fewer. I m a firm believer that everything priced right in today s market will sell quickly, and the Realtors who work with us believe the same thing, says Meehan, who facilitates the selling and moving process for those who have their sights set on living at Brooksby Village. Lydia Sperber was one of those people, and with help from Meehan and a Brooksby-recommended real estate professional, her house was barely on the market a week before it went under agreement.

No time wasted

Sperber had waited three years for an apartment home with a balcony to open up at Brooksby. When it did this summer, she wasted no time making the right connections. Sperber had worked as a real estate professional for eight years and had no trouble choosing a realty company with which she was familiar and that came highly recommended from Brooksby. Sperber met her real estate agent at the end of the week and decided to list the house the following Monday. In the meantime, Sperber made sure that her house of 37 years in Saugus, Mass., looked just right. The house was shining, she says. By coincidence, all the shrubs and bushes were in bloom. It really looked lovely. Whether the home s appearance, location, or price was the main attraction, Sperber says, My God, the phone didn t stop ringing! On Friday, she had five offers for her house. The one she eventually took was higher than her asking price.

Pricing tips

It can t hurt to underprice in this market because buyers are competing with one another, Meehan says. We re seeing bidding wars, and sellers can handpick the best buyer. On the other hand, both Meehan and Sperber agree that overpricing a house automatically means losing certain buyers. With that in mind, when Meehan helps clients prepare their homes for sale, she often dissuades them from making costly updates. Sellers are going to want to price their homes on the low end, which is the best place to be because that gives them the most firsttime home buyers and many more buyers looking at their house, she says. She promotes getting houses showready by simply rearranging and decluttering.

Comfortable transition

Meehan s work does not end with home staging. She and her counterpart at Linden Ponds, Lynne Ford, work with people moving to their communities to ensure the transition is a smooth one. I want them to feel comfortable in their new environment, so I spend a lot of time measuring [for their furniture], Meehan says. Sperber says she had help from numerous people at Brooksby, starting with Meehan s visit. Ellen was down first at my house, and I just loved her, Sperber says. I m so thankful she came. Meehan advised Sperber on how her furniture and other belongings could fit in her new home. Sperber says she gave especially valuable advice on what to do with a set of dishes that were important to her. Meehan suggested displaying them on top of the kitchen cabinets, which Sperber did, along with matching the kitchen paint to the dishes. Sperber also had help from Dorothy (Dot) Harding, of Brooksby s Custom Interiors, while choosing paint colors and curtains for her new home. I don t know where they get these people, Sperber says of the Brooksby staff. They call when they say they ll call, they come when they say they ll come it s the best, the best. Sperber is happy with the help she received on her way to Brooksby, and she seems quite pleased with life there. She says: I m on an extended vacation that s what I call it! One of the best parts of this vacation, Sperber adds, is knowing that she will not have to rake another leaf. I did 61 bags of leaves every fall...I m one happy person here.