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September 22nd, 2009

How many pairs of old, barely-worn shoes are sitting in your closet right now? The answer is probably more than you need. Now, one local New Jersey charity is accepting those oft-ignored shoes and putting them to good use. Melanie Adelman, a young lady from Wayne, N.J., founded an organization called Myshoe4U, a group that provides gently-worn shoes to those who are less fortunate. And Adelman recently brought her crusade to collect old shoes to Cedar Crest and was welcomed with open arms.

All together now

In just the past month, the residents and staff of Cedar Crest donated an astonishing 1,300 pairs of shoes to the charity. It was an absolutely phenomenal response, says Lisa Bentson, Cedar Crest retirement counselor. It was a win-win situation too a chance to clean out your closet and help a good cause at the same time. Cedar Crest resident Catherine Riccardi says, I try very hard to be involved in anything I believe in, and this is such a worthwhile cause. Riccardi donated nine pairs of shoes to the effort.

Happy to have shoes

Adelman, a cross-country runner, says many athletes replace their shoes periodically. However, the 17-year-old Wayne Hills High School student said her shoes didn t seem completely worn out. As a result, she donated all of her old shoes with a few miles left in them to the Salvation Army. This act of kindness gave her an idea, and Myshoe4U was born. The Salvation Army told me they were very happy to have shoes, Adelman says. They get lots of clothes, but they don t get very much footwear. Adelman has been working on collecting shoes for three years now and has placed collection bins at a local gym, at Jaeger Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in Wayne, and at the Wayne Boys and Girls Club. Melanie may also return to Cedar Crest in the future for another shoe drive. Our residents are some of the most generous people around, Bentson says. Many of them are already involved with good causes, whether they re out volunteering at their churches or with one of the reach-out organizations on campus, so I am proud of the response but not entirely surprised. Maybe next time we can do even better!