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Wind Crest helps couple conquer moving challenges

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September 30th, 2009

Eugene Bud Hayes and his wife, Margaret, were eager to move to Wind Crest, the Erickson community just outside of Denver. But after going through two different real estate agents and having their home sit on the market for almost four months without a sniff from a buyer, the Hayes were about to call it quits. We were ready to throw in the towel, Mr. Hayes says. Then my wife and I called Wind Crest and Kate Dukes, and suddenly things picked up. Dukes, the personal moving consultant at Wind Crest, did a walk-through of the Hayes house and suggested minor changes they could make to increase the home s appeal to customers. Then she recommended a new real estate agent. Kate came over to talk to us quite a few times, Mr. Hayes says. She did everything in her power to help us sell our home. And along the way, she made the process much less stressful. She really came to our aid. Dukes made easy and inexpensive staging suggestions. Mrs. Hayes says, Our house had a great big garage and basement, but we needed help prepping the living area. It ended up being the small things like moving the furniture around and getting rid of some clutter that seemed to make the most difference. Her husband adds, It was nice to have someone who knew what she was doing and really listened to what we were saying. Less than six weeks later, the house sold. But the help didn t end there. The part of the move the couple was dreading the most, the packing and downsizing, was also a breeze. ' Mr. Hayes says Wind Crest Move In Coordinator Beth Brandenburg did all the work for them. She gave us a choice of recommended movers and we picked one, and they worked out great, he says. We had lots and lots of questions for Beth about what was involved and what to expect. She knew her stuff and answered any and every question that we had. Mr. Hayes also credits the Wind Crest community for ensuring a smooth transition into the couple s new home. They really took the stress out of the moving process. From sending trucks to get rid of things we didn t want to helping us find a trusted real estate professional, they did it all, he says. They made great recommendations and were so trustworthy. Everything they told us turned out to be true and perfect.