Beyond all boundaries

New film gives 4-D World War II experience

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October 27th, 2009
World War II left an indelible mark on the world and on the many brave men and women who served. Now, a new film will give the rest of us a true sense of the WWII experience through the wonders of modern technology.Beyond All Boundariesis a 4-D film opening Nov. 7 at the brand new Solomon Victory Theater at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, La.

The 4-D experience

[caption id="attachment_6401" align="alignright" width="300" caption="American soldiers landing at Normandy on the coast of France during the D-Day invasion. (Photo courtesy of The National World War II Museum)"][/caption] What is 4-D? It s a film technique that engages viewers senses with digital effects, life-sized props, animation, and atmospherics as well as film and sound. Audiences will feel the treads of Tiger Tanks rumbling across North Africa s deserts, brush snow from their cheeks during the wintery Battle of the Bulge, and flinch as anti-aircraft fire tries to bring down their B-17 on a bombing run over Nazi Germany. The museum has enlisted an all-star cast and crew to create this one-of-a-kind cinematic experience. Serving as the film s executive producer and narrator is Academy Award winner Tom Hanks. In addition, performers such as Kevin Bacon, Patricia Clarkson, James Cromwell, Blythe Danner, and Gary Sinise lend their talents. Beyond All Boundariesweaves a spectacular tapestry of World War II authentic, powerful, and inspiring, Hanks says. I m proud to have served as executive producer ofBeyond All Boundaries, and you can see it exclusively, every hour, at The National World War II Museum in New Orleans. [caption id="attachment_6416" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Soldier running across the battlefield on the island of Okinawa during World War II. (Photo courtesy of The National World War II Museum) "][/caption] This isn t another World War II film, says National World War II Museum President and CEO Dr. Gordon H. Nick Mueller. This is a cinematic experience unavailable anywhere else in the world. The narrative uses the combatants , journalists , and home front workers own words to tell the story of the war.

Rare war footage

In the quest for historic accuracy, the museum and theBeyond All Boundariesteam researched the world s great film archives to uncover rare footage. Viewers will be excited to see that we ve gone beyond the typical World War II footage, said Seth Paridon, manager of research services for The National World War II Museum. Paridon and his staff spent years going through film archives to secure rarely seen footage for a truly unique experience. In addition to the Solomon Victory Theater, the Museum debuts two additional attractions November 6: The American Sector, a Chef John Besh restaurant, and The Stage Door Canteen, a dining and live entertainment venue that salutes the stars of the war years and the home front. The National World War II Museum tells the story of the American experience in the war that changed the world why it was fought, how it was won, and what it means today. The museum celebrates the teamwork, optimism, courage, and sacrifice of the men and women who fought on the battlefront and the home front. For more information aboutBeyond All Boundariesand the National World War II Museum, visitwww.nationalww2museum.orgorcall 877-813-3329 or 504-527-6012.