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Club creates community

Wisdom Writers get closer through storytelling

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October 27th, 2009

What do you think of when you hear faraway places, homecoming, and first date ? [caption id="attachment_6328" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Mary Cooprider holds up one of the two volumes the Wisdom Writers have compiled. Both collections of writing are on display in the Town Center Clubhouse."]Walking a mile Aurline Emmett, a former advertising executive, has written commercials, advertising copy, and even TV scripts. The idea of writing personal stories and sharing the wisdom of her years with her neighbors is one that she thinks is incredibly worthwhile. There are so many people here with so many different experiences, says Emmett of Wind Crest. Before you hear their stories, they are just the people who live nearby. But when you hear these experiences, they become your new neighbors and close friends. You get a great perspective and can truly appreciate all the wonderful people here because it s like you ve walked a mile in their shoes. Cooprider adds, This club is about friendship, awareness of self, awareness of your neighbors, and becoming closer.

Sharing talent with others

So what has Emmett learned from the Wisdom Writers and her neighbors? Age is only a number. And no matter your situation, you can live every moment of the day. We all walk funny when we get older or have things you deal with, but no matter your circumstances, you don t have to stop growing. You can keep trying, learning, and sharing your talents with others. Cooprider says the club is doing just that. Now the stories are available for all to enjoy. The club has selected the best writings, collected them in two volumes, and offered them in the Town Center Clubhouse for visitors and neighbors to read. Look for selections