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Fire up homebuyers

Hone in on the hearth to make them feel at home

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November 2nd, 2009

Who can resist the warm glow and cozy feeling you get from sitting beside an open flame during a cold winter night? Just seeing a fireplace sparks warmth inside. Fortunately, today we do not need the fireplace for food and heat the way it was used and designed for originally. Now, we can adapt it to suit our decor. Making the fireplace the focal point of the room as it should be can be easy and inexpensive. After cleaning the fireplace and clearing off the mantel, here are some ideas for quick but powerful updates:


Putting candle or electric sconces on either side of the mantel brings your eye all the way up to appreciate the full effect of the fireplace. You can also put wallpaper panels in frames over the mantel and center the sconces on either side for a regal touch. Simply adding a mirror over the fireplace can open up the room and make it look bigger. An alternative is a piece of art.


Gone are the taboo days of never touching a standard red brick hearth. The options are boundless, the least of which is a can of paint. Changing the brick to an off-white is always a safe bet; however, painting the brick a few shades darker than your wall color, if your wall is light or a few shades lighter than your wall color, if the wall is dark can add some punch and make the fireplace pop. Painting the mantel is also a simple way to freshen it up. Coating natural wood with a white or off-white color is an easy update.

No place for a fire?

For those out there who don t have a fireplace: I, too, have a house without one, but that has not stopped me from getting a beautiful cherry mantel with odorless smokeless gel canisters. People with little to no floor space can opt for a corner unit or wall-mounted fireplace. And there are a multitude of options, from electric to ventless freestanding fireplaces too. That way, when you sell your house, you can even take it with you! Whether your taste is contemporary or traditional, there are no more excuses to deprive yourself of that wonderful warm feeling you, too, can create your very own fireplace that will have buyers lighting up the second they see it.

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