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Overindulging during the holidays

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November 24th, 2009

The holidays seem to bring out the excess in people. They open up their wallets and spend way too much money on gifts; they ll go back for seconds and thirds at holiday parties; and when it comes to the liquor cabinet, they ll throw it wide open to anyone who comes through the door, and of course join them in drinking the contents. After the holidays are over, many people regret having gone too far, and that can be especially true of anything that occurred while under the influence.

Our good friend, moderation

I often tell people who have problems with letting go of their inhibitions to have a glass or two of wine. But I also tell them that too much alcohol will turn the evening into a snooze-fest. As with so many of life s other pleasures, moderation is the key. Fine wine can help you appreciate a meal; too much wine and you might not remember who or where you are. A drink or two at a holiday party may make it easier for you to mingle; too much and you could end up in a corner nodding off, or your incoherent mutterings will be anything but fascinating to the other guests. For moderation to work, you need to connect alcohol with the events happening around you rather than indulge in isolated drinking. Having wine with dinner to complement the meal is fine, but don t ruin the meal by drinking too much. Having a drink to help loosen your tongue at a party is okay as long as you don t drink so much you lose control of that tongue of yours altogether. So this holiday season, make it a goal to keep your drinking linked to some other activity and set a limit that way you ll stay in control and will have holidays to remember rather than ones to forget.