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Vacation property

Tinton Falls woman sells house in 3 days while in Florida

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November 23rd, 2009

Marion Kleiner was considering a move to Seabrook. I loved the community, but I really thought I missed the housing bubble, she says. I thought if I put my house up for sale, it would take forever to sell and I wouldn t get a fair price. Boy, was I mistaken.

Three-day wonder

With the right help, Kleiner sold her house quickly, easily, and got a fair price. Now she s enjoying sunsets each evening from the bay window of her new home atSeabrook. The ball started rolling after she got the name of a real estate agent from Seabrook Retirement Counselor Ruth Phillips. She was ready to move;she just didn t know about the market, Phillips says. And she was going on vacation, so before she left, she cleaned her house and left the keys with the agent. She asked her to give it a look while she was gone and see if it would need any work to sell it. Kleiner says, Just a few days later, I m eating lunch at a restaurant on the beach in Florida and I get a phone call from my real estate agent. She said if I was willing to sell, she had a buyer. I couldn t believe my ears, Kleiner says. It was incredible the economy was supposedly in shambles and my agent found a buyer in less than a week. Our real estate agents are great. We usually see some quick sales, but this was definitely one of the fastest, Phillips says. The agents we recommend really know the area and are the best at what they do.

Quick turnaround

The buyer was eager to move because she was expecting a baby. I knew if anyone could help me get out quickly and do the move right, it was the staff atSeabrook, says Kleiner. They didn t disappoint. I had been talking withSeabrookfor a while before deciding to move, Kleiner says. I felt really comfortable taking their advice and leaving the process in their hands because they always kept their promises and always exceeded my expectations with everything they have done for me. Kleiner used aSeabrookpreferred moving company, which made her eligible for $2,000 toward the cost of her move. That perk was in addition to the square deal she got for her old house. I don t think I could have moved any quicker or gotten a better value for my home, she says. Now I m enjoying life at Seabrook and beautiful views of the western skies. I love it here. And I would do it again in a heartbeat.