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Wii dominate!

Eagle’s Trace takes first place in world’s largest Wii tournament

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November 23rd, 2009
As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas. So when residents ofEagle s Tracewere invited to participate in the world s largest Wii bowling tournament, they couldn t pass up the opportunity. The daylong event, sponsored by TexanPlus HMO, drew more than 550 contestants to Houston s Reliant Center enough to qualify for a Guinness World Record forlargest Wii bowling tournament for older adults. It was very competitive, says Sandy Francis, who normally plays for the Sweet Peas at Eagle s Trace and whose team in the tournament took third place. We really enjoyed ourselves and had a lot of fun. At the end of the day, Eagle s Trace teams had claimed first-, second-, and third-place wins.

A league of their own

Francis heads the Wii bowling league at Eagle s Trace, which includes 40 regular bowlers and 35 pacers. The ten teams of four compete every Saturday for 18 weeks in the Audubon Clubhouse. At the end of the 18-week session, teams are awarded medals and prize money from a $1 fee players contribute every week. [caption id="attachment_6737" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Eagle s Trace bowlers Mary Gasson, Earl Patterson, Marilyn Hinds, and Marty Connelly receive $2,500 for their win. (Photo courtesy of DyAnne Wilson)"][/caption] A longtime bowler, Francis says Wii bowling has allowed her to pursue a hobby she once loved but gave up. The great thing about Wii bowling is anyone can do it, she says. In fact, I think I m much better at this. It s similar to bowling, but the advantage is you don t have to hold that big ball. The Nintendo Wii videogame system which uses a wireless controller to translate players motions onto the screen was designed to make gaming accessible to people of all abilities and has proven extremely popular among the senior set. Eagle s Trace has three Wii systems; two are exclusively for the bowling league, and the other is available to all. In addition to bowling, Wii features other sports, like golf, tennis, baseball, and boxing.

Bowled over

For 58 years, Joy Nall was a regular at the bowling alley until three years ago when she traded in her bowling ball for a world of virtual strikes and spares. She now bowls on the Eagle s Trace Super Sonic Eagles team and is the secretary for the Wii league. I never was really great at [regular] bowling, says Nall. I m not great at Wii bowling either, but I do have lots of fun playing! Nall and her husband, Earl Patterson, both competed in the TexanPlus tournament, where Patterson s team took first place, winning $2,500. The tournament was fantastic! says Nall. We re anxious to go back again next year. Nall says they hope to add two more teams to their Wii league in 2010 and have discussed competing against other Erickson communities in a Wii bowling tournament. We have a lot of residents who would like to join the group, says Nall. It s really caught on. I don t think I would have imagined I would be participating in something like this if I hadn t been living at Eagle s Trace.