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Discovering a new home

The extras make a difference'

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December 21st, 2009

Wherever she goes at Brooksby Village, Barbara Kovacs finds herself engaged in jovial conversation with friends. She appears to be in her element, as jokes and laughter accompany her journey between buildings. [caption id="attachment_7245" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Barbara Kovacs, who moved to Brooksby Village last summer, has embraced her new home."] Surprisingly, Kovacs has only been calling Brooksby home for four months, and though she had been on Brooksby s priority list for three years, she had little intention of going anywhere this summer when Personal Moving Consultant Ellen Meehan called. Meehan offers home visits to those considering a move to Brooksby, helping to ready their houses for a sale and supporting them as they make the transition. Those who are on Brooksby s priority list may receive a call from Meehan when an apartment home of their desired style becomes available, and that s just what happened with Kovacs. I said, Let her come and I ll get rid of her, Kovacs remembers thinking when she set up a home visit with Meehan. Kovacs was overwhelmed with the prospect of moving out of her four-floor condominium in Saugus, Mass., but with Meehan s support, her mindset changed. Two months later, I was here, Kovacs says with a smile, adding, If it hadn t been for Ellen, I d still be thinking about [the move].

Personalized support

Meehan told Kovacs that contrary to her preconceived notions, her condo would not need any work done and would sell easily. After connecting Kovacs with a real estate professional, sure enough, the condo sold in less than a month. Meehan also recommended a company that provides help with the downsizing and packing process. Over the course of three weeks, two of the company s workers came to Kovacs condo daily to help her decide what she wanted to take and what she could do without. Meehan recommended the movers as well, who Kovacs says moved everything in for her, made the bed, and put away her dishes.

New friends and granddaughter

Now atBrooksby, Kovacs is settling in to her apartment home and venturing out often to see theBrooksbyIrregulars singing group, to lunch with friends, and to continue her volunteer work at the Saugus Senior Center. She says ofBrooksby, Everybody is very friendly, very pleasant; I was happy from day one. Had she known this before, she says, she would have done it sooner. Even as she continues to make a home atBrooksby, Kovacs knows she can count on help from Meehan, whom she jokingly refers to as her granddaughter. When the Saugus library couldn t get a book to Kovacs in time for her book club meeting, Meehan reserved the book at her own library for Kovacs. Meehan also took Kovacs shopping when she needed a new bed before the move. Kovacs says: These are the extras that make a difference.