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A picture’s worth a thousand words

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December 22nd, 2009

After living in her Tacoma Park, Md., house for more than 46 years, Ann Weimer knew there would be surprises when selling the property she had lived in for so long. But with help from Erickson Realty & Moving Services, the biggest shock she got was a solid contract in less than eight days, from a buyer who had only seen the house on the Internet. You could definitely say I was surprised, says Weimer. The buyer was out of the country and saw the photos that my Realtor had put on the Internet. I had no idea how important those pictures would be.


One thing Weimer was sure about was where she wanted to live next. I d been to Riderwood several times and knew that this was where I wanted to live, she says. I had too much house for just me. Plus, I have three children in the [D.C.] area and many friends from church that had moved here and were very happy. She got a taste of that happiness through a series of surprises while moving to Riderwood in July 2009. Weimer s first surprise came when Elena Price, Riderwood s personal moving consultant, informed her in early 2009 that the one bedroom she had been considering was available. Price also explained that Erickson Realty & Moving Services would be available to help throughout her entire move process. When she told me that I would have help selecting a Realtor and movers, it seemed foolish not to use Erickson Realty & Moving Services, says Weimer. Price then visited Weimer in her house with a list of recommended real estate agents. She also helped stage the house a process wherein a home is depersonalized, high-traffic areas are cleared, and key features are highlighted all in an effort to expedite the sale. The house was then photographed, which would be a key to its quick sale and the move s biggest surprise.

Reason to celebrate

With a solid contract on her house, Weimer then turned her attention to packing and moving. Again, with help from Erickson Realty & Moving Services, she selected a highly recommended and trustworthy moving company. They came out to my house to see how much I had to move, says Weimer. Then they set down dates for packing and moving. The whole process went very smoothly. I loved that I also had help settling in. Everything from my old kitchen was unpacked for me and put in my new kitchen. The big tasks of putting my bed and desk together were also done for me. Some of my pictures were hung. It was a big help. Now celebrating her first New Year at Riderwood, Weimer continues to meet her new neighbors. Everyone is very friendly, she says. Each night at dinner, I meet new people. Weimer also works once a week at her church s thrift shop and visits friends and family. She s even settled in enough to entertain guests, including two of her grandchildren. I knew that moving to Riderwood was the right decision for me at this time in my life, says Weimer. The incentives and help I received from Erickson Realty & Moving Services were pleasant surprises, right from the start.