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Preserving history through movement

The story behind the International Folk Dance Group

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December 22nd, 2009

Three years ago, Lee Feinschil started the International Folk Dance Group so her Ann s Choice neighbors could experience what she had so gracefully performed throughout the years. [caption id="attachment_7262" align="alignright" width="280" caption="The International Folk Dance Group at Ann s Choice. "]An act of togetherness Unlike ballet or other forms, the genre consists of steps that were made for indigenous people, social dances representing the cultures in different parts of the world. The form usually pairs couples for both simple and complex foot patterns that anybody can learn. Once the steps are mastered, the dancers move at a pace where people can converse with each other. Folk dancing is a social activity, says Feinschil. You meet people and you move together, you hold hands it s very friendly. The International Folk Dance Group s friendliness has translated into partnerships. In fall 2008, the folk dancers performed with Svitanya, a Philadelphia-based musical group that focuses solely on Eastern European folk songs. After the band played for a while, the dancers flowed down the aisles in the auditorium at Ann s Choice to join them on stage. More recently, the dancing troupe paired with the Ann s Choice German Club to perform for the Oktoberfest celebration. The interactive event was a lot of fun for all who participated. The enthusiasm of the folk dancers became contagious, and soon enough, everybody was dancing. In the long run, that s what life is all about: learning new things and dancing through it all.