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Wood shop opens for the holidays

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December 15th, 2009

When a team of seasoned woodworkers has a project on the drawing board, you can be sure their first steps are to roll up their sleeves, study the blueprints, measure twice, and get on with the job. [caption id="attachment_6730" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Roger Johnson (right) has handcrafted children s toys such as this wooden rocking horse. Here, he is pictured with Woodcrafters Club leader Alan Oehrle. (Photo by Jill Cline) "]Tallgrass Creek, with help from Executive Director John Harned, decided to construct a wood shop on campus and got the job done in about three months time. The wood shop, which officially opens on December 8, has work benches, space for residents treasured tools, equipment donated by local friends and businesses, and a few items purchased for the woodworkers oasis. Roger Johnson expects he ll spend a lot of time there. For starters, he has a rocking horse to make for his one-year-old great-great grandnephew. Then he will help fellow Woodcrafters Club members learn the art of toy-making. [caption id="attachment_6729" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Tallgrass Creek woodworkers pause while checking out their new wood shop. Pictured (left to right): Dave Maze, Dick Knapp, Hugh McCreery, Alan Oehrle, and Roger Johnson. (Photo by Jill Cline)"]



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