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Belongings that don't belong

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January 26th, 2010

Things tend to accumulate when we become comfortable in our homes, and many of them we no longer need. Clearing them out when your house is on the market serves a dual purpose: It frees up buyers attention to focus on the house rather than your stuff, and it gives you a head-start on packing.

Which clothes are you NOT wearing?

Winter is a great time to revisit summer clothes. If you didn t wear things the previous year, let them go. Unless something has sentimental value, there s no reason for it to take up space and collect dust. To find out what you really aren t wearing, turn all your hangers so they face the same direction. Once you ve worn something, flip its hanger in the opposite direction. At the end of the season, take out all the hangers that haven t changed position and get rid of the clothes.

What to do with extra paper products

It always helps to edit your collections, whatever they may be. If you have a lot of magazines, recycle them. You can tear out important articles and put them in a file. It s not worth keeping the entire magazine for one article. If there are books that you ve read and will never read again, donate them to a library or give them to a friend. Books are meant to be read.

Experiment for pack rats

Here s a little experiment for all the pack rats out there. Go around the house and collect items that aren t being used. Put them in a box and write a date on it. If the box is labeled 2/15/2010 and by 5/15/2010 you haven t even opened it, you know you can let it go.