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Do you update your web browser?

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January 26th, 2010

Today s software programs continue to improve, offering new and improved versions and releases. The drawback with these updates is that they usually cost money, which can be hard to swallow after you ve already made the initial purchase of the software. Not so with Web browsers, which offer continual updates that are always free. Here are some reasons why you don t want to say no to free browser updates.

Improved security

New security threats such as phishing and spyware have surfaced over the last few years, and many of the older browsers weren t built to handle these security breaches. Newer browsers have anti-phishing and anti-malware protection to make sure your Web browsing experience is safe.

Private browsing

Private browsing is a setting that prevents important information from being left behind for others to see. When private browsing is activated, your browser will not store your Web activity in browser history or store cookies that track visitor (your) behavior.

Website compatibility and advancement

If you are still using an older browser like Internet Explorer 6, you may find that websites do not display correctly or work properly. Many of the modern Web technologies were not available when these browsers were developed contributing to major incompatibilities. Without a proper upgrade, it will be increasingly frustrating browsing the Web.

Tabbed browsing

Many newer browsers, including Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 7 and 8, offer tabbed browsing so you can open multiple websites and different pages within the same window. Daily tasks and research become faster and more efficient when you don t have to keep multiple windows of the same program open.

RSS feed readers

News sites and blogs, including, provide news in a syndicated RSS feed format. All newer Web browsers have feed readers that will help you discover, collect, and organize your RSS feeds.

Plug-ins and extensions

All newer Web browsers also check for updated versions of plug-ins, which you use to watch videos, play games, read documents, etc. If you don t like a plug in or don t use it often enough, it can easily be uninstalled with just a few mouse clicks.

Popular Web Browsers

Below is a list of popular web browsers for both Mac and PC