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Life and love continue

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January 26th, 2010

Nalora (Lo) and Guy Steele met beside a piano. They were standing together during a chapel rehearsal in Missouri when someone suggested they sing a duet. They obliged by singing Indian Love Call by Slim Whitman. [caption id="attachment_7579" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Guy and Lo Steele enjoy a moment at the piano inside their Linden Ponds apartment home. The two met beside a piano, 62 years ago. "]Healthy life Part of the reason for the Steeles move was concern over Guy s health, which he says has improved since moving to the community. In part, he attributes this to the fitness center, activities, and friendships readily available at Linden Ponds. Health concerns also provided some impetus for Harold and Helen Millican to consider a move to Brooksby Village. The Millicans were living in their Lexington, Mass., home of 56 years when it became clear to Helen that it wasn t safe for her husband to be attempting so much of the household upkeep. This was necessary to come take the challenges away, Helen says of the move to Brooksby, adding of their search for a new home, Once we came here, there was no question. The Millicans enrolled in the Erickson Advantage ' health plan and see doctors in the community. Harold appreciates that he only has to leave the apartment home a few minutes before an appointment because the medical center is just down the hall.

New adventure

The Millicans move in 2005 was a big step, as they left the town where they had both grown up and raised their three children. I thought, This is a new adventure, Helen says. The couple attended grammar school together and Harold was frequently over at Helen s house, playing with her brothers. She was the little sister hanging around, Harold remembers. It wasn t until they finished high school that the two became a couple, but they married at 22 and, like the Steeles, will celebrate their 61st anniversary this year. We re a team, Helen says. If one of us is missing, [people ask,] Where s the other one? Like the Steeles, the Millicans have a hand in multiple activities in their community. Both Harold and Helen work in Brooksby s TV studio, manning the cameras and control panel. Helen hosts a new TV show that examines arts and crafts, called How d They Do That? Harold is often called upon for his audiovisual expertise. On a recent Saturday, he rushed off after receiving a call from a staff member who needed technical assistance. He plays the organ during the first service of the month at Brooksby s chapel, and she sings in the community s Protestant Choir, when she s not swimming in the pool or helping as a librarian at Brooksby s library. This place is alive, Harold says of Brooksby.

Alone time

Despite the busy schedules both the Millicans and the Steeles keep up, they appreciate their time alone together. The Steeles try to take two hours each afternoon to simply talk or sit quietly together. We have always been able to be the two of us and our dog, says Guy, nodding to their dog, Eddie. In their living room, behind a grand piano and among framed awards from their many accomplishments, the Steeles seem to be right at home; but that sentiment extends beyond their apartment walls. Lo recalls her first time in Linden Ponds performing arts center, which opened in 2007. Alone in the theater, she says she walked down the aisle, laid her cheek on the stage, and said, I m home.