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Pinch Me'

Seabrook resident has easy time escaping old condo

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January 25th, 2010

Fay Grossman says she considered moving to Seabrook as a gift to her children. They were nervous because I was alone, and I didn t want to worry them, she says. I love my children, and I wanted them to be able to focus more on their own lives and their own children instead of having to call me all the time to make sure I m OK. As a widower, Grossman says both Seabrook s social atmosphere and safe campus, complete with round-the-clock security and trained EMTs, were what first caught her attention. I have lived in the area for 52 years, says Grossman, a retired elementary school teacher. And I already had 15 or so friends who lived at Seabrook and said it was just a great place to live. Financial factors also made Seabrook enticing. Seabrook includes everything, she explains. I worked the numbers a million different times. When you consider property taxes, electricity, fixing things, and buying new appliances, Seabrook has the best deal going. My old condo was 21 years old, she continues. Everything was in good working order, but you never know. All the appliances were original. How long does a fridge, furnace, or air conditioning unit really last? Replacing one of those isn t cheap.

Moving to Seabrook

To get the ball rolling, Grossman met withSeabrooksales staff to start preparing her condo for sale. Seabrookhad a list of recommended Realtors to choose from, Grossman says. I had dealt with other Realtors in the past, from my other moves years ago. But I wasn t tied to any one, so I figured I would give these a chance. I interviewed two and chose the one that I thought I could relate to the best. I guess I picked a good one, because the condo sold quickly, and we re still friends to this day. A month after she put it on the market, Grossman had an offer on the condo. I bought low years ago so I made a little money on it, she says. The move toSeabrookwas equally smooth, thanks to help from Erickson Realty & Moving Services-recommended movers. From beginning to end, it was really easy, Grossman says. I can t complain at all. I heard all these stories about the market, but I had a pleasant experience. And now I m atSeabrook, living the good life. My only wish is that I would have moved earlier. I play social bridge, take trips with the clubs, and have met a lot of great people. Plus, I still have my (bridge) games with those who don t live here and belong to the same synagogue that I have for years. I actually have to pinch myself now and then, Grossman says. I had such a good experience moving, and I m just so thankful to be here.