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Singers build momentum

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January 26th, 2010

Year-round they practice diligently, working their way through sheets of music and lines of comedy and drama alike. In the weeks leading up to their sold-out shows, practice times stretch and everything must be coordinated just right. [caption id="attachment_7581" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Mark Batchelder (left) plays Prince Charming and Natalie Shaughnessy is Cinderella in The Magic of Christmas at Linden Ponds. Roy Peterson, stage manager of the Linden Ponds Singers, plays the herald (behind)."]Equipped to perform The Singers also have an increasing ability to demonstrate their talent, thanks to new equipment purchased with the proceeds from ticket sales. The group charges $10 for tickets to its two large productions, money that has allowed them to buy an intercom to use between the control booth and curtain; four new body microphones that performers can wear while in action; and most recently, a third electric piano, which makes practices in various locations much easier. The Singers also have help from staff members at Linden Ponds, who provide support when necessary in the technical, logistical, and vocal areas even the community s Executive Director Nina Holt has been known to take to the stage. They step back to graciously let the residents do their thing and are very quick to step in when we need the help, Steele says. That s an art.

Building momentum

Even before the Singers had completed their Christmas show, plans were already in motion for the spring performance. You re so intense working on a show that if you don t have another, you get disappointed, Peterson says. You ve got to keep the momentum going. The spring show will look at fashions and films from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, an idea conceived of by costume designer Eileen Barker. It will take place in June. If history is any judge, the community is bound to be abuzz with news of the next show. Everybody that I see and talk to, they love it, Barker says of the community s reaction to the performances. I think they get a big kick out of seeing their neighbors and friends up there [on stage]. The sound is terrific. The community loves it; they really do.